It may still be possible to join after the course has started. Get in touch to find out more.

(I will aim to respond to enquiries promptly, but please note it is not possible to join a class the same day you get in touch. If you contact me on a Wednesday or Thursday, I will ask you to join from the following week. Thank you for your understanding.)


Travel Japanese for Beginners - Thursdays 6pm, from July 25th

Do you need to learn how to "get by in Japanese" for your upcoming holiday?

Gain the beginner language skills you need to survive in Japan on this conversation-based course.

Learn to get around in Japan, order in restaurants, recognise common notices, and get help from the locals.

Travel Japanese for Beginners is ideal for you if:

- You’re an absolute beginner

- You’re planning a trip to Japan

- You have little or no experience studying a language as an adult (this is a beginner-friendly course!)

Probably not for:

- Grammar fans (this is a communication-based course)

- People who want to spend a lot of time in class learning to read and write Japanese (this is a speaking and listening class!)


Tadoku: Let's Read! Thursdays 7pm, from 25th July

Would you like to learn Japanese by reading fun, easy books?

Join us for a Japanese course with a difference! Each session consists of solo reading, followed by free discussion (in English or Japanese).

Choose from my ever-growing library of Tadoku graded readers, from beginner to advanced.

Tadoku books are easy, fun books for grown-up learners (more interesting than children’s books, and often easier!)

Tadoku: Let's Read! is ideal for you if:

- You can read at least hiragana (the first Japanese alphabet)

- You want to find out more about Tadoku reading!

It’s not for you if:

- You’re an absolute beginner. You need to be able to read hiragana to take this course


Nihongo de Geemu: Games in Japanese - Thursdays 8pm, from 25th July

Practice speaking Japanese in a relaxed environment by playing board games, card games, and old-school party games.

I’ll bring a bunch of easy games for us to play in small groups, or in a big group (maximum 8 learners). Most of the games do not involve reading any Japanese, and many are games you will know already.

Nihongo de Geemu will be entirely in Japanese and is most suitable for students at upper-beginner level and above. I’ll expect you to communicate in Japanese at all times, but you don’t have to be perfect! Making mistakes is an important part of the learning process :-)

Nihongo de Geemu is ideal for you if:

- You’re upper beginner level or above

- You want to learn while having fun!

- You’re up for the challenge of speaking only in Japanese

It’s not for you if:

- You’re an absolute beginner

- You don’t like board games!

Special offer! Tadoku and Games in Japanese - Thursdays 7pm-9pm, from 25th July
162.00 180.00

Enrol in both Tadoku: Let’s Read and Nihongo de Geemu: Games in Japanese, and get 10% off!

More important info

Summer Course Dates 2019: Thursdays from 25th July to 29th August (6 sessions)

Location: Step Up Japanese courses are held at the Friends Centre at Brighton Junction, New England Street, Brighton - in beautiful rooms just 2 minutes from Brighton station.

Course fees: £90 for 6 sessions. All Summer Course sessions are 55 minutes.

My courses are for adults - anyone who is 18 or over can join.

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About me

Classes at Step Up Japanese are taught by me, Fran Wrigley. Konnichiwa!

I've been teaching Japanese in Brighton since 2014. I love the Japanese language, and sharing that with students is a privilege I don't take for granted.

My ambition is to make Step Up Japanese into Britain's best Japanese school, right here in sunny Brighton.

The truth is that learning a foreign language is not particularly easy, and it's not particularly quick. But it is hugely rewarding - and, if you get it right, it should be really fun.


Got a question? I’m here to help.