Hi! I'm Fran. 

I first visited Japan in 2008, on a short trip to Tokyo. I was captivated by this fascinating country - its culture, people and language. There was one problem. I didn't speak Japanese!

I spent the following decade learning this beautiful language. I worked in Nagoya, Japan, for four years, teaching English and then working as a freelance Japanese-English translator. I worked hard to achieve fluency, and in 2012 I passed N1, the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

I started teaching Japanese in Nagoya, when an American friend asked me to tutor him. When I came back to Brighton I started teaching groups of students, and I founded Step Up Japanese in 2014. My ambition is to build the UK's best Japanese language school, right here in sunny Brighton.

The truth is that learning Japanese isn't particularly easy, or quick. But it's a beautiful, brilliant language, and I love sharing that with my students. It's a lot of fun!

You can find me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, or send me an email at fran@stepupjapanese.com


フラン (Fran)

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