A Japan Pub Quiz!

A Japan Pub Quiz!

I wrote a little bit about my Japanese volunteers who come to help out at class and with events and workshops.

But I’m also helped enormously at Step Up Japanese by my students, who organise events, give me great ideas, and share helpful feedback on how to make class better.

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End-of-term Sushi Night! Easter 2018

When I started teaching Japanese, I thought it would primarily be an academic endeavour. 

I didn't think we'd go out for sushi, and do calligraphy workshops, and all kinds of other exciting things. 

It's good to get out of the classroom sometimes, spend time in a different environment (and of course eat Japanese food).

Here are some photos from the end-of-term sushi night this Easter. 

Thanks for coming!

Where shall we go for our next (non-academic) event?

Summer Barbecue! Or, "Everybody Loves Corn"

Summer can feel kind of long.

For me, the summer break is when I get to reflect on the year gone and think "big picture" thoughts about what we're going to do in the next year.

But I know that the summer break can feel long for my students. I wanted to have an event in the holidays so we could spend time together, catch up on how everyone's summer has been, and hopefully speak some Japanese too.

I also just really wanted to have a barbecue. Everyone likes a barbecue, right?

I brought corn. Everyone else brought corn too. It was great.

An impressive selection of veggie and definitely-not-veggie food. 

David tending the corn.

Phil brought mochi! ありがとうフィルさん!

Delicious Japanese-y desserts. ニックさん、ありがとう!

After the BBQ, Paul and Will of Sussex Aikido treated us to a mini Aikido demonstration.

There's a little video of this on the Step Up Japanese Facebook page too.

Old and new faces. みなさん来てくれてありがとう!

As usual I was having too much fun (and tending the BBQ too much) to remember to take an actual group photo...

The question is, what shall we bring to eat next year?

Just kidding, I'll definitely bring more corn again!

It was really good to see everyone again, and hearing everyone's news - and speaking some Japanese, of course.

Did you know the Japanese word for corn is... コーン ("kōn")? 🌽🌽🌽